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Service of homeless hopeless helpless sick persons is our worship and prayer.

Apna Ghar Ashram Nepal was started on dated 9th Fabruary 2019 at Doleshwar Mahadev Mandir Bhaktpur, Kathmandu (Nepal). The 110 beds capacity building for this Ashram has been constructed with the support of Apna Ghar Nepal Team and their help mates after purchasing land. This is the first Ashram of the Organization outside India. All facilities like treatment, food, clothing and other necessity of life are being provided to the prabhuji without any charges and with the support of the society.

About Us

What We Do

The Organisation is working for the homeless, helpless, hopeless, destitute persons generally found in very harsh and painful conditions on roadsides, railway stations, bus stands, religious and other public places. Having been neglected by society, without food, water, and clothing, they generally go towards lingering death. Without proper treatment and wound care, they are frequently found infested with maggots. The Organisation runs residential homes by the name 'ApnaGhar Ashram', where all facilities like treatment, food, clothing, personal care, and medical/surgical treatments are provided free of cost, with the support and generosity of the society.

The inmates living in ApnaGhar Ashrams are referred to as ‘Prabhuji (forms of God) Our prabhujis (inmates) are generally those individuals who have been abandoned, due to the degradation of moral values in society. The services offered by our Ashrams, and the organization, attempts to re-establish the moral values of caring for the downtrodden and the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Many visitors who have come to our Ashrams have left feeling inspired, especially by the work of our dedicated volunteers.

The Organisation provides opportunities for the public to get involved not only by financial contributions but also in the form of voluntary service for our residents, helping in the day to day to running of the Ashrams and providing administrative support. The Organisation operates in a very transparent manner and visitors are struck by the conviction and dedication of the staff who are offering services at ApnaGhar Ashrams. The organization has opened up its doors to all those individuals who wish to offer something back to society, in the form of selfless service.

About us

How We Work

The helpless or destitute persons who are the focus of our work, are unable to make their own way to the Ashrams. We have dedicated ambulances, paramedics, and special rescue teams who work closely also with the police and other government organizations. Our Ashrams will accept referrals for prabhuji’s anywhere in India, who are found in a critical condition or in exceptional circumstances. Following the admission of prabhujis to our Ashramas, and after they have received the necessities of life and appropriate treatment for their ailments, attempts are made towards rehabilitation with their families, with the help of administration and police. The organization has set up Apna Ghar Sewa Samitis and helplines, within different geographical locations in the country, where prabhujis can be picked up and brought to the nearest Apna Ghar Ashram.

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Team behind Aaphno Ghar Ashram

Shri Anish Goyal


Shri Vijay Chaudhary


Shri K.K. Goyal

Former President